Terberg People

Terberg People

Working and learning at Terberg

Terberg is a successful international business. We operate in several sectors and want to continue our expansion, both in the Netherlands and internationally, to ensure that the future of our family business is as solid as its past. We mostly operate in niche markets, as that is where we think we can provide the most added value.

We are keenly aware that we can only continue to distinguish ourselves from our competitors because of the drive and skills of our employees. Consequently we put a lot of effort into hiring the right people. It is important to us as a company that our personnel develop their expertise. Hence we provide practical in-house training and also give our people opportunities to follow external courses. Developments go so quickly that it is essential that everyone is on top of them. If you are highly motivated and want to develop yourself further then Terberg offers many opportunities - opportunities which you create yourself.

As we operate internationally some of our people have the option to work in another country for a shorter or longer period. Experienced personnel are regularly seconded to our international subsidiaries such as our plant in Malaysia. Our international customers and the cooperation with our worldwide subsidiaries also provide our people with opportunities to learn about doing business internationally.

Terberg operates in four key industries (special vehicles, waste collection systems, vehicle modification and vehicle leasing) and has several business groups. Hence a job with Terberg offers interesting career perspectives as you have the opportunity to move to a different group or industry to further develop yourself. 


Mission Statement

"Terberg aims to be a respected and customer-focused manufacturer supplying its customers with tailor-made vehicles of the highest quality and meeting the highest standards of performance.

We seek to fulfil our mission by continually investing in engineering, improving the production processes and optimising our distributor network.

This means working with all our employees to create a dedicated organisation with a passion for our product."


Core values

Our core values are a spirit of enterprise, a focus on innovation and change, customer friendliness, flexibility, integrity and quality.

These core values have enabled us to grow and are deeply rooted in our organisation. In effect, they are part of our DNA. It is this DNA that guides us in our work. And no concessions on this will be made. These core values must also form the basis of how you work and behave on a day-to-day basis.

We are convinced that the core values we stand for have provided the foundations for our success, underlie our culture and guide our actions.